New members (Plenty of Fish) is a greatly popular free dating website that has millions of members from all over the world. Launched in 2003, has over 10 million members and receives one of the most monthly visits of any dating site according to the Internet statistics. is a free internet dating service with a large membership base of people between the ages of 18 to 80 years old. Also it offers dating services and a whole lot more to men and women seeking same sex or friendly relationships. The site claims to be leader to others in terms of its tools of compatibility and personality tools used to help user to find closer matches based on personalities and thought-process as opposed to just requirements, hobbies and interests.

There are 4 tests in present time, which exists on the site to help you subscribe information about yourself. Without any registering on, you can answer about 30 questions from the psychological test or answer 30 questions to find out if your current love interest is a keeper. If you registered, you can pass through two more additional tests: the relationship-needs assessment results in over 30 topics to find with potential partners, while the relationship chemistry predictor assessment is based on visitor self confidence, orientation of the family, control yourself and openness. offers a quantity of tools to get members started on the path to find love or at least a fulfilling partnership. The tools are actually really interesting to use and along the way, you will find out a lot about yourself and where you have perhaps gone wrong in previous relationships. Users can discover for themselves what they really want out of the time they’ll be outing into the site. The relationships need tool is a really powerful indicator for obtaining a successful relationships and it will highlight where members have gone wrong in choosing the ‘mistake’ people for them in the past.

This is a fantastic site for peoples looking for a serious relationships, wanting to explore the innovative tools available. For those users that looking for a more conservative site there are better sites out there but overall this site offers a great deal more than most and it is absolutely free to use.


  • Fantastic large message forums with topics that cover everything from relationships to sex dating.
  • Lots of wonderful tips on what makes an interesting user profile and how to write a post that will stand out on the site.
  • One of the largest members base of the free dating sites.
  • All features are free (creating a profile, searching and communicating) except for the some serious user profile advance.

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